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          1. Czech Repubrick – Lego Provided by Goout

            Today, Permanent

            Hamleys Na P?íkopě 14, Praha 1

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            ExhibitionsFor children

            179–730 CZK Buy your tickets

            Czech monuments have been transformed into huge models made of Lego. The buildings that appear in the biggest Czech Lego World have been replicated down to the smallest detail: the National Museum, Karl?tejn Castle, St Vitus’ Cathedral, Lednice Chateau, Hluboká Chateau, and Je?těd Radio Tower, to name a few. 30 gigantic models, an abundance of extraordinary stories, and great Lego jokes all on over 900 sqm. On top of that, there will be film heroes, remarkable attractions, and the largest roller coaster made from Lego in the world.

            Part of the exhibition is a live detective game, Grim′s Gang: The Stolen Crown.