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          1. JanHandyman with van

            Podvinny mlyn 2346/20, Praha 9, 19000

            • Phone+420 732608477


            Whenever you need to solve things in your household/office, I am here to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your household/garden/car such as: transport up-to 3t, pre-moving/ pre-refurbishing preparation, general household/office cleaning-including windows, assemble/disassemble of furniture, installing shelves, pictures, lights, curtains, curtains'rails, replacement bulbs, halogen bulbs, locks on the door, replacement/cleaning of silicone around the bath/shower tub, fixing of a dripping tap, replacement of washing machine hose, mow the lawn, cut the hedges, weeding, general garden maintenance(incl. garbage collection if required), collect your household purchases on your behalf, babysitting from 3 years old(I can also cook), help with pets, washing/vacuuming/maintenance of your car.
            One last thing on top: If you are missing a sportsmate for your regular sports activities HERE I AM!!! And I can pretty much play all sports.

            JanHandyman with van

            Podvinny mlyn 2346/20, Praha 9, 19000

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            Great experience

            Reviewed by Olena Bokan 27.08.2020
            We had the perfect service with Jan. The furniture was moved quickly and professionally. We even asked to go with us to the nearby furniture store, and Jan agreed to do so. Highly recommended!

            Great service

            Reviewed by Nicole Kesler 27.08.2020
            Jan is very friendly, came on time, and responds extremely fast once contacted!

            Nejvy??í spokojenost!

            Reviewed by Marek Latiok 14.08.2020
            Tato spolupráce je pro mě velmi p?ínosná a jsem velmi za ní rád! Pánovi jsme dali dnes velmi tě?ky úkol, ktery stál odvahu, sílu a zdatnost. V pr?běhu práce nastali ne?ekané komplikace, s kterymi si Pan Handyman poradil bez potí?í. Tento pán je velmi zku?eny, velmi rád děla svoji práci a velmi rad pomáhá lidem. Co? se mi dnes jasně a z?etelně potvrdilo. Doporu?uji ka?dému tyto slu?by, kvalita, zru?nost, ?asová flexibilita, pan si poradí... read more

            Great Contact to have - Highly Recommend

            Reviewed by Liza Rosewell 17.07.2020
            While moving flats, Jan help us get rid of an old double bed, a fridge freezer and other bits and pieces we couldn't take with us. He is punctual and professional and charges reasonable rates.

            Highly Recommended English-Speaking Handyman

            Reviewed by Samuel Beckwith 06.07.2020
            Jan is a professional and conscientious English-speaking handyman who takes his work seriously. He assembled the world's most complicated flatpack bunk bed and a hall wall unit for us, and also solved a problem with our washing machine tap/hose connection. Communication was easy, and Jan kept his promises. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

            Excellent help with re-location and various jobs

            Reviewed by Aleksandra Fartusova 01.07.2020
            I contacted Jan for help with various tasks as we were moving out. I have a small daughter so I really wanted one person to be in the house rather than several people. Hiring Jan was the best choice I have ever made! He is super professional, polite. He came even before the agreed time and did not stop until the tasks very done. Help with packing things, moving some items for us, assembling and de-assembling items, cleaning the garden and the... read more

            Window repair

            Reviewed by Nadya Tjuska 14.06.2020
            Thank you Jan for your help. We had a broken window, and Jan was very quick to help us, and within two days it looked like it was new! :)

            Cool bloke!

            Reviewed by Joshua Stewart 02.05.2020
            Very helpful and diligent. Can do man and van or handy work. Great English and great prices. I highly recommend.

            Very good help with moving

            Reviewed by Iryna Vorsinhton 27.01.2020
            Jan is friendly and helpful. He is well organized, so moving went quickly and easily. He was careful with our things. The price was very good.

            Thanks a ton Jan!!

            Reviewed by Kev S 19.11.2019
            Jan was extremely helpful and polite and tended to our request to fix some urgent things in the house, like plumbing. He is such a considerate person and most importantly very very reliable. The work done was professional and quick. Thanks a lot Jan!! I truly appreciate your kind, quick and reliable help!!

            Great help!

            Reviewed by Maiken Johnsrud 11.11.2019
            Jan was very accurate and quick! Needed help with hanging of frames, a bike, curtain hanger and a ceiling lamp. Great job done! Would recommend to anyone, and definitely use again!

            Jan with a Van

            Reviewed by Elizabeth Clarey 21.10.2019
            My experience with Jan was great! He was on-time, fast, professional, well-priced and nice. He even put together my bed for me! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is moving furniture.

            Moving flats

            Reviewed by Fiona Mair 18.10.2019
            Jan was professional and fast. He helped to make moving less stressful. Responded quickly to emails and would recommend him.

            Fast and efficient!

            Reviewed by Benoit Esc'inté 02.10.2019
            I was glad Jan took my call immediately. 1 hour later, his colleague Zdenek, the expert I needed for my plumbing issue, was at my place and fixed it all in few minutes with great professionalism. Also, Jan made sure to translate Zdenek's advice from Czech to English, great team work! Thank you both.

            Top class

            Reviewed by Simon Burgess 01.10.2019
            We used Jan for a variety of jobs when we were moving apartment. His work was top class, and all conducted in a friendly and professional manner (and in English). There is no doubt that I will use Jan again, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Great service, Jan, thank you. :)