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          1. Bohdan Dyak

            Za Hládkovem 98/6, Praha 6, 16900

            • Phone+420 731427777


            Electrician license. Repair of faults and installation new electrical networks.

            Bohdan Dyak

            Za Hládkovem 98/6, Praha 6, 16900

            5.0 Reviewed by 11 users

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            Excellent electrician for all types of work

            Reviewed by Sam Watson 18.08.2020
            Bohdan installed new wiring and an electrical switch box through our entire apartment. He is extremely competent, professional and pleasant and was able to organize and complete the project quickly and efficiently along with his colleague who was also very skilled and pleasant. We were able to communicate clearly as he speaks English. We highly recommend Bohdan

            Highly recommended

            Reviewed by Narek Chomoyan 09.03.2020
            I had a problem with electricity last weekend, and Bohdan helped me a lot, he is a good specialist and he is trying to solve a problem in a maximal accurate and comfortable way. He is a very responsible and polite guy so I am recommending him to everyone.

            Highly recommended

            Reviewed by Eng Alwahishi 28.01.2020
            I recommend Dyak. He has a very good experience in electricity. He fixed an electrical issue in my new apartment and installed the lights. He always come on time. He provid me with a contact names for the things out of his scope. And he speak English.

            Highly recommended

            Reviewed by Alex N 21.10.2019
            Bohdan is currently helping us out with some electrical work at our new apartment. He is reliable and has been available to help with last minute changes which is important to us at the moment. We appreciate how easy it is to work with him and his communication. Would use again!

            I like him

            Reviewed by M. Mühlfeit 24.08.2019
            Whenever you need something, he is willing. He has experience and common sense. Bohdan always solved all the problems and knew how. I've invited him 4 times for different things and always perfect. I recommend him.

            Best Electrician!

            Reviewed by b. johns 01.04.2019
            We used Bohdan for several projects over the past couple years, installing electrical service to our garden house, installing outdoor lighting, installing electrical box with circuit breakers, replacing broken circuit breakers, installing electrical outlets and new ceiling fixtures. We had nothing but great service and can't recommend him highly enough.

            Highly Recommend

            Reviewed by Simon Fullarton 18.02.2019
            We used Bohdan to install a new electric boiler and a replacement water heater in our house. His quote for the work was very fair, he spoke good English, and worked quickly and neatly. On another occasion, we lost power on a Saturday night (the main switch broke; wouldn't reset), and we couldn't get through to CEZ; he came out at short notice and replaced it. Very helpful guy, with a pleasant manner. Happy to recommend.

            A MUST HIRE for any electrical problems you may have

            Reviewed by Kayla Lonneman 18.10.2018
            This man saved the day! I blew the fuse at my apartment late in the evening, changing a light bulb and lost power to my entire apartment. I was extremely worried that my roommates and myself would go the night without power. My roommate called Bohdan and he arrived in 15 minutes!!!!! He spoke great English, was kind and was very quick at fixing the problem. I recommend him to anyone who needs help especially in a emergency situations.

            Reliable Electrian

            Reviewed by Unique Foster 18.10.2018
            We called Bohdan for an emergency outage at our apartment. He got here in less than 15 minutes. He was quick and very kind to us. He solved the problem and knew what he was doing! Thank you again Bohdan! ??

            Perfect electrician

            Reviewed by Santana Wenh 24.04.2018
            Mr. Dyak is honest electrician. He came to my flat and did everything, what i need next day. He is honest electrician. He has fair prices and service.

            Great service and good work

            Reviewed by Patrick Lynch 20.04.2018
            I contacted Bohdan and he got back to me the same day. He came to visit and quickly worked out what to do. He carried out the work very well and charged a fair price.